Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari

Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari is an important Italian textile company characterized by industrial craftsmanship, high quality standards, production processes and lifestyles attentive to the environment and society. Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari is oriented towards continuous innovation on multiple levels. It designs yarns that meet essential principles of sustainability. Recycling of textile waste, organic raw materials, increasingly advanced fibres made with low environmental impact and eco-design are some of the themes that the Company is developing across its lines, to satisfy the requests of its customers and to keep  the Italian creative talent high. For this new collection, Cotonificio Olcese Ferrari propose the milk fiber yarns, a raw material with unique properties, extremely delicate and comfortable, made with a controlled production process.
Finally, the Company embraced the challenges of the past year, aiming to a project for the complete renewal of its website, in order to get closer and closer to its customers and make its collections and its philosophy available in every moment from anywhere in the world. You can visit our new website here: