Filmar keeps supporting initiatives in the field of education by creating solid partnerships with school institutions and players of the educational sector. We work with education institutions based  on our territory and in the other countries where the company has a presence. With the aim to renovate the image of the FILOSCOZIA brand, 24 students from Ateneo della Moda Machina Lonati have been involved in numerous small projects leading to the creation of several hosiery collections representing different interpretations of Filoscozia. The originality of the creative proposals opened up a new collaboration: in fact, after reviewing the projects, Calzedonia decided to become a partner of the initiative and collaborate with Filmar in realizing the collections. The products made by the students have been introduced to the public last June at Pitti Immagine Filati 2018 as creative ideas capable of giving a new look to the FILOSCOZIA brand. Many inspirational sources aroused the visitors’ interest, from Steam Punk to the Underwater world, from Arcade videogames to the Interstellar space. 5 projects, 24 young students and a lot of passion!