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Available formats:

  • ADHESIVE LABEL 45x15 mm
  • FABRIC LABEL 60x24 mm
  • LABEL 100x20 mm - front and back

Filoscozia® provides a guarantee of the quality of the raw material, of the yarn and of the manufacture of each item that bears the logo "Filoscozia® the original".

Each "Filoscozia® the original" label, which comes in a variety of formats, is protected by an individual hologram, certified, registered and impossible to counterfeit. (The same type of hologram is already in use with all of the main credit cards and appears on the Euro banknotes).

An item of clothing may bear a Filoscozia® label only if it is 100% original Filoscozia® yarn or if Filoscozia® yarn comprises at least 70% of a mix with other fibers. Moreover, the count of the yarn must be 60/2 or higher.

Filoscozia® addresses designers and manufacturers of fashion, promoting innovation and research in the world of fashion. In this regard, Filoscozia® is also open to evaluating requests for the use of its label on items that may use a percentage of original Filoscozia® cotton that is lower than 70%, provided that the item demonstrates guaranteed high quality in its design, research and manufacture.