Interview to Marco Marzoli, president of the Filoscozia® Association

December 8th 2012

What does the value of continuity of the brand Filoscozia® mean to you?

“The value of continuity of Filoscozia® brand means to us to renew and bring added value to a “historic” brand, without denying its past and its history, but rather, taking advantage of the challenges that this new era offers us to enhance it to the best, fusing together elements and ingredients discordant to open up new horizons and opportunities. This is what we propose to do with Filoscozia®”. says Marco Marzoli, and he continues:
“Concerning this I also want to add that The continuity of The brand Filoscozia®, founded in 1982, also denotes the trust and loyalty by a consumer alert and aware in constant search for the best products, a consumer that has aiways recognized our brand its highest quality”.

The interview continues by asking Marco Marzoli: In your opinion which are the message and the information that must flow about this brand starting from the fiber, businesses and reaching out to the consumer?

“Undoubtedly the message that constantly needs to convey with this brand is that Filoscozia® already holds the distinction of excellence because it's made of the best cotton in the worid. In fact Filoscozia® is exclusively produced with noble varieties of long blast, it is natural, thin, tough and brilliant. Since then, subjected to certain processes, the yarn is strengthened by acquiring unshrinkability and a better degree of absorption. In addition Filoscozia® garments are comfortable on the skin and maintain long tones vivid and shiny. To ensure the highest quality of the product and to guarantee the brand in 1982 a non-profit organization, made of different Italian companies, was founded with the aim of defending the product and to protect the consumer. I also remember that Filoscozia® fabrics and garments are covered by the registered mark so you should be wary of all fake or counterfeit trademark”.

The interview concludes with this question: A direct line between Filoscozia® and young creatives: how will this marriage be? And which results will the the future bring?

“I think this question is very important because it affects young people and therefore our future. The creative young people can express themselves using this yarn in a way unique and innovative. Filoscozia® is tuned to the fashion and lends itself to the creation of unique attractive items. His spirit, well rooted to its roots, evolves in a constant search for innovation and competitiveness”.

How? Marco Marzoli continues:

“By supporting companies, crafted factories and stylist in research, testing and implementation of creative and functional use of the product and in all areas of textile knitting, weaving, fashion for women, men and children, hosiery, underwear both adult and child, sportswear, home sector. Undoubtedly, this is reflected in numerous job opportunities for all those creative minds who believe and will continue to believe in our brand”.

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