The Survey: Filoscozia® is a quality textile!

June 18th 2012

Accurate and specialised market research and various B2B and B2C surveys, sponsored by member companies Filmar Spa and Olcese Spa, have revealed that the perceived value of the historical Filoscozia® brand is still strong today.

In response to the simple question "What is Filoscozia® to you?” people over 30 frequently replied: "Filoscozia® is a top-quality brand of socks!" or "what beautiful underwear!" Obviously, there were less responses from those under 20, with the presence of some teenagers who, thanks to their mothers, were sensitive to the benefits of certain textiles.

The trademark was sometimes confused with a brand that produces finished garments, but the answers were always characterized by convictions of quality.

The univocal response from the textile and manufacturing sector was that of fine cotton, mercerized yarn, of the best quality - unfortunately long since undermined by a proliferation of fake copies like "Filo di Scozia" which do not have, or only appear to have the characteristics of the original Filoscozia®.

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