“Filoscozia® the original”: 2012 renew

November 29th 2012

From the strength of past kudos and a still vivid collective memory, the new Filoscozia® era is launched starting today with a restyled logo. Filmar Spa and Olcese Spa are the sister companies and producers accredited by the Association itself - who are now sponsoring the re-launch of the brand. The structured communication plan will be unveiled over a two-year time scale, mainly throughout the use of new media.

old label

new holographic label

The Association aims to inform all users, from businesses to end-consumers, of the features of this precious yarn: how it originates; the special processes it undergoes; the care it should be treated with as to achieve its full potential for quality garments.

Active collaboration with Ornella Bignami, opinion leader in the textile industry in Italy, and many fashion colleges, will bring Filoscozia® to the attention of academia, so that young fashion designers can get to know and appreciate its advantages.
Contests, newsletters, demo show reels, events and creative installations will all be promoted.

The Association also aims to support companies, manifacturing industry and stylists in researching, testing and the creative and functional applications of the product, in all areas of textiles: knitwear; weaving, fashion for men, women, and children; hosiery; adult and child underwear; sportswear, home and medical textiles.

Co-branding solutions will be promoted and the development and marketing of products in Filoscozia® will also be supported.

The Association, in unison with the re-launch of the brand, will implement a detailed monitoring operation, in order to support the product and its mission and safeguard the consumer.

For companies it is now possible to be accredited as a certified Filoscozia® user simply by filling in the on-line form. Upon proven purchase of original Filoscozia® yarn from a manufacturing company certified by the Association, you will receive a certificate of guarantee and the holographic labels "Filoscozia® the original" to be attached to fabrics and garments. Accredited companies will also be issued with the usage guidelines and product information.

The Filoscozia® Association invites accredited users to promote the quality of the brand, and hence also their business, by using the various tools that the Association will soon make available at an agreed cost: advertising space; banners; gadgets; wall displays for fairs and events, and even more. All promotional materials will soon be available on the PROMO section of the Filoscozia® website.

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