Filoscozia for youth - the most interesting interpretations

Filoscozia for youth is a program dedicated to young people aimed at encouraging their creativity in interpreting the excellence of the genuine Filoscozia® yarn. The result: unconventional and disruptive creations, capable of amaze and impress.
Thanks to the collaboration with renowed fashion & design institutes, students and national and international contests, the young designers rethink this wonderful yarn and propose it again in new and fresh looks, designing small capsule collections with the brand Filoscozia®. One of the collections which impressed us the most is the collection of Michela Oneda, a student of the Politecnico of Milan, who took inspiration from the «Mille Miglia» race. «High quality and elegance are the common denominator of an incomparable raw material and the world of Italian car races», states Michela. The student created the clothing for the driver of this historical race by interpreting and wisely adapting the yarn properties to the technical and comfort needs required by the situation.
A comfortable, resistant and soft driver suit to guarantee total comfort; breathable, anti-allergic and antibacterial for the driver's physical comfort, essential prerequisites for a successful race; durable so that the garment can last for many years and act as souvenir and keepsake; bright colors for making the driver visible on the road.
«The automobile has passed on the streets of half Italy like a time and space dominator…». 
To some extent, couldn’t we also say the same about Filoscozia®?