Filoscozia® is a cotton yarn of the highest quality, produced exclusively from noble varieties of durable and naturally shiny extra-long staple cotton.

After combing, twisting, gassing and mercerizing, the Filoscozia® natural characteristics of shine and resistance are strengthened, acquiring better absorption and non-shrinking qualities. Filoscozia® products are comfortable on the skin, long-lasting, silky and low-pilling, with vivid, shiny tones.

Filoscozia® is a guarantee of quality. The brand has been safeguarded and promoted since 1982 by a non-profit Organization of Italian companies with significant know-how in the manufacturing sector. The Filoscozia® fabrics and garments each carry a guarantee certificate and a holographic label and are distinguished by the trademark that is registered in over 40 countries.

Filoscozia yarns, keeping pace with research and innovation to support sustainable fashion, are produced without the use of hazardous chemical substances. Italian Filoscozia producers, Filmar SpA and Olcese, have committed to the Greenpeace Detox campaign and are among the world leaders taking action for a toxic free fashion.





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